Dining at Idingstad

Let us at Idingstad give you as guests a culinary experience. We are passionate about regional produce and have a strong commitment to the preservation of the Swedish culinary traditions. Each meal is a feast for the senses.

All meals are served in the manor`s main building, dating from the 1737.
In summer we enjoy our lovely terrace, BBQ-nights, breakfast in the morning sun. Try our new cooking activity with Andreas Landen, four times semifinalist in "Cook of the year".

Our food philosophy is based on a farm to table concept. Our concept is based on cooking from scratch, the real way, no additives, a seasonal and regional cuisine. We are also very careful to bringing wine and food together for the guest`s overall experience. We are here to carry our Swedish food heritage on.

Our wine cellar, which dates from 1610 is always a key element of a successful conference. Our specialty is Sauternes wines and in the wine cellar we have a collection of over 200 wines Sauternes and other sweet dessert wines from around the world. All our guests are invited to a visit down in the cellar!

We believe that food should be one of the highlights of the conference. Idingstad Manor cooperate with Hagdahls kitchen / Collegium to be able to give you a true dining experience. Our chef cooks with the region`s finest organic ingredients of the season.
We have two rooms which each takes up to 50 guests. Weather permitting, we open up our outdoor seating and are happy to grill on our Italian terrace.

In cooperation with Hagdahls kitchen we arrange wine tastings in the 1700-century setting. Jens Nyström is an experienced and educated somelier at the "restaurant academy", with extensive experience in wine tasting in Sweden and internationally. In the wine cellar, you will find a rustic tasting room with seating for up to 20 people.

Welcome to the table!
(The restaurant is only open for pre-booked groups of at least 6 people; between June 23 and August 15 we serve our famous grill buffé every day)